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What people are saying about SKY Bodywork:

“I have regularly received massages from Seth over the last six months and I was always very happy. Seth is a wonderful and knowledgeable massage therapist. He is always very kind. He makes sure I feel comfortable and is very attentive to my needs before and during the massage. I really like the incorporation of acupressure techniques in his treatments. It makes the massage the more relaxing and healing. His particular focus on the numerous knots on my upper back is very effective at releasing tension I have accumulated, and I feel great for quite a while after each session. I would recommend Seth’s caring touch to anyone!”
Cécile, Cambridge

“The combination of Seth being a good listener and so knowledgeable about human anatomy, makes him a true healer of the human body. I highly recommend him.”
Jeff K., Cambridge

“Thanks Seth, you put me into a massage coma!  Awesome!”
Ian, Boston

とても気持ちいいマッサージ! 仕事では一日中立ているけれども、セスの手からのディープ・プレッシャーで完全に疲れが取れて、その夜は久々によく眠れました。おすすめです!
(That was a great massage!  I stand all day at my job, but the deep pressure of Seth’s hands took away all my tiredness, and I slept well that night for the first time in a while.  I really recommend it!)
Y. K., Boston